Ulysse Nardin Freak II 28'800 v/h 7-Day Carrousel Tourbillon Rose Gold

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This watch features:

The Ulysse Nardin Freak 28’800 V/h watch is an exceptional example of timepiece as mechanical art – sure to please watch aficionados and collectors alike! This watch features a gorgeous and truly unique 7-day Carrousel Tourbillon complication.

The Freak 28’800 V/h watch is haute horlogerie at its best, and dare I say most artful as it seemingly floats the 7-day Carrousel Tourbillon complication atop a signature blue dial that displays neither traditional hour/minute hands, nor even a crown.

Crafted in solid 18k rose gold, the Freak 28’800 V/h watch has an eye-catching 44.5mm ridged bezel case where the bezel and the case back stand in for the traditional crown. Time-setting occurs by rotating the bezel itself, which also features a unique locking system that prevents unintentional turns/time resets. Manually winding the watch occurs by rotating the case back itself – a single turn equates to 12-hours of power.

Ulysse Nardin powers its Freak 28’800 V/h watch with the in-house UN-200 manual wind movement. Features include hours, minutes, a 7-day Carrousel Tourbillon, and a patented Ulysse Dual Escapement that needs no lubrication.

A 7-day Carrousel Tourbillon, without hands, without dial nor crown and a patented Silicium escapement: Ulysse Dual Escapement that needs no lubrication. New ingenious lock system of the case bezel which prevents the time adjuster from moving unintentionally. The inertial balance wheel represents a new Ulysse Nardin design and concept.

The Freak is the brainchild of Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, as interpreted and conceived by Ulysse Nardin’s research and production team.
In contrast to mystery clocks of the past, the Freak is an open secret – all parts pivot and move in total transparency.

The Freak 28’800 V/h is a 7-day Carrousel Tourbillon, without hands, dial or crown. It is called the Freak 28’800 V/h because everything in this movement is so radically different that the concept of the movement and the case had to be rethought.

The 7-Day Carrousel Tourbillon, an invention of Dr. Ludwig Oechslin.

No hands, no dial – this watch does not need them. The Freak 28’800 V/h indicates the time by the rotation of the movement. The arrow decorating the main spring barrel indicates the hour while the upper bridge, fitted with the balance wheel assembly and its revolutionary Dual Ulysse Escapement, revolves once every hour indicating the minutes. During its 60 minute rotation, the upper bridge lays bare the mechanics of time. The center axis pivots in the sapphire crystal of the watch case. This is a spectacular sight, accentuated by the finishing skills of Ulysse Nardin’s watchmakers in Le Locle.

In other Tourbillons, the balance wheel assembly moves once every minute in a cage. In the Freak 28’800 V/h, the whole movement, including the balance wheel assembly, rotates once an hour inside the watch case.

The 28’800 V/h Oscillator
The 4 Hz frequency and the 7 mg*mm moment of inertia provide the FREAK 28’800 V/h an accuracy comparable to the mechanical Chronometers.

The Balance wheel represents a new Ulysse Nardin design and concept. It bears 4 inertia adjusting screws which are hidden within the rim, thus avoiding the creation of air turbulence. The spiral length is not adjustable, the frequency is found by adjusting the inertia of the balance.

The Dual Ulysse Escapement
The Dual Direct Escapement which was developed for the first generation Freak opened a new field of discovery and potential improvement in the vast domain of the escapement. The Dual Ulysse represents the next step in that development, bringing several novelties and incorporates the advantages brought by its predecessor.

The Dual Ulysse Escapement has 2 wheels, allowing natural force transmission: the force and the move have the same direction, alternatively clockwise with the first wheel and counter-clockwise with the second.

The wheels have 18 active teeth, which guarantee ideal energy transmission to the oscillator. No lubrication is required as this transmission is done through a “gear like” mechanism.

The impulse is given to an alternator which passes it further to the balance shaft. This alternator is a gear which turns alternatively in one direction, and then the opposite direction.

The innovative principle of the Dual Ulysse Escapement permits a dramatic reduction of the “angle of lift” from the usual 50-52 degrees (Swiss Anchor and Dual Direct) down to 27 degrees. The “angle of lift” is the arc run by the balance between its first contact with the escapement and its last contact. The shorter the arc, the lower the disturbance of the natural oscillation of the balance.

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