About Magnetism

We are surrounded by many magnetism sources such as mobile phones, speakers, refrigerators, televisions, magnets in your handbag, etc. The motors in quartz watches go wrong due to magnetism from these sources and how severely the watches are influenced depends on the specification of the
movements in the watches.

Analog Quartz Watches

  • Soon after tiny motors in quartz watches are influenced by the magnetism, the watches go wrong and do not keep correct time.
  • The analog quartz watches affected by the magnetism are not defective. If you take the watches away from the magnetism source, the watches will have
    the prescribed accuracy again. Kindly correct the current time after this action.
  • Sometimes there still remains magnetism within the watches. In this case we have to demagnetize the watch.

Mechanical Watches

  • In general mechanical watches are not so severely influenced by magnetism. Stronger magnetism, however, may affect the watches, bringing some delay or, causing the watches to be fast and stop.
  • Once mechanical watches are influenced, the magnetism remains in the watch even after putting the watch away from the source. This may last relatively long and therefore the watch must be demagnetized immediately.

Digital Quartz Watches

  • There is no influence of magnetism since there are no motors are in digital watches.
  • Some digital watches which have alarm speakers may be affected, resulting in smaller alarm sound.

The Reason Why Watches are Affected

Why Watches go Wrong Due to the Influence of Magnetism

  • In analog quartz watches we utilize the power of magnetic force in order to drive the step motors to move the rotors. These step motors are extremely small and may easily be affected by the magnetism, which badly influences the rotor. As a consequence of this, the watches go wrong, or stop.
  • The structure of a step motor

How the Rotors Function

  • A current is sent to the coil to make an electric magnet that rotates the rotor, which is permanent magnet, by means of repeated ‘backlash/aspiration’. This rotation is transmitted to the wheels to drive the hands, keeping the correct time.



For Long Use

Be Aware of Electromagnetic Appliances Around You

  • There are many electromagnetic appliances (like audio speakers/magnet parts of furniture) around you. If your watch suddenly slows down, the watch may be under the influence of magnetism. Kindly check your surroundings again.

Be Aware of Mobile Phones

  • If you put your watch in your handbag along with your mobile phone or you put your watch close to your mobile phone after taking your watch off your wrist,  your watch will be easily affected by magnetism. Keep your watch away from mobile phones.

Demagnetization is Required When You Encounter a Strong Magnetic Field

  • Your watch parts might be magnetized when you encounter a strong magnetic field. In this case the watch requires demagnetization to return to the original condition. Consult a watch shop near you for the demagnetization.

Keep Your Watch for more than 5cm Away From The Magnetism Sources

  • Even if your watch is affected by magnetism, the watch returns to the original
    condition when you bring your watch more than 5 cm away from the magnetism
  • The magnetic field strength is in reverse proportion to the square of the distance.
    Therefore, you can weaken the influence drastically just by bringing your watch
    a little bit away from the magnetism source. Try to keep at least 5cm distance
    from the source and your watch will be all right.