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The Audemars Piguet watch company was founded in 1875 by two young men with a passion for fine watch making. Mr. Jules-Louis Audemars & Mr. Edward-Auguste Piguet joined forces to design and produce complicated watches. They chose the beautiful & serene Joux Valley in Switzerland as their base of operations. Mr. Audemars focused on movement design while Mr. Piguet handled the financial & commercial side of the business.

As the years progressed, Audemars Piguet becomes known for their chiming Repeater Watches. In 1907 Audemars Piguet continues to prosper and expands its factory which now accommodates 70 employees. In the 1920’s Audemars produces the first Jumping Hours complications. In 1933 Jacques-Louis Audemars takes the reigns & breathes new life into the company as the world is coming out of the crippling 1929 stock market crash. In the 1930’s AP begins producing chronographs which is a major source of success – but business is hurt by WWII. In 1949 AP participates for the first time in the Basel Fair and AP begins to introduce simple ultra-thin yet elegant timepieces in addition to the complications.

Some of the most popular and best selling watches from this dynamic manufacturer, affectionately known as AP (Audemars Piguet), include the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore models which incorporate simple automatic watches, chronographs all the way up to tourbillons, minute repeaters, Grande Complications & of course the now famous & award winning Carbon Concept. They have a full line of sporty and dress watches to suit every occasion.

The Millenary collection is another beautiful line that spans between dressy and casual. In 1966 Georges Golay becomes the Managing Director and CEO paving the way to a new era of prosperity and tremendous creativity. Audemars Piguet’s range of products soon earns international success. AP changes the face of fine-watch making, creating the Royal Oak, the first high-end sports watch made of steel, recognizable by its octagonal bezel with eight hexagonal screws- a true revolution in the watch making world.

AP introduces the first self-winding ultra-thin wristwatch with tourbillon in 1986, the first wristwatch with a second time zone, and the Star Wheel, with its sector hour display on three sapphire discs. In 1992, the Manufacture creates the Audemars Piguet Foundation. Born in the Valle de Joux, the company developed and grew in the midst of wild and unspoiled natural beauty. Deeply attached to these landscapes, it decides to actively contribute to preserving forests throughout the world, and to sensitize younger generations to this issue.

Since 1999, AP has been involved in creating eight limited-edition masterpieces in a limited series of twenty. These are known as the Tradition of Excellence collection. The first stop on this voyage is the Jules Audemars minute repeater wristwatch with tourbillon and split-second chronograph, made in 950 platinum. In 2002 the production site in Le Locle expands tripling its surface area.

In the years following the company continues to expand at a rapid pace, introducing new styles and models, but as always the Royal Oak and Offshore editions remain among their best sellers, staying firm in their commitment to quality watches, while maintaining the independence so cherished by the Audemars Piguet group.