History Of Brand

Sturgis Sprague DeWitt, known primarily as S.S. DeWitt (September 15, 1914 – February 19, 1998) was a farmer and businessman from Newellton and St. Joseph in Tensas Parish in northeastern Louisiana who served as a conservative Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1964 – 1972. In 1963, DeWitt unseated 20-year Representative J.C. Seaman of Waterproof in southern Tensas Parish. He had run unsuccessfully against Seaman in the 1959 primary. In his first term from 1964 – 1968, DeWitt represented only Tensas Parish, but in his second term, he was paired with Lantz Womack of Winnsboro, the seat of Franklin Parish, in a combined district including Franklin, Tensas, and Madison parishes. DeWitt was hence the last person to have represented a district which included only Tensas Parish, the least populous of Louisiana’s sixty-four parishes. Prior to 1968, all Louisiana parishes had a minimum of one member in the 105-member state House regardless of population. DeWitt lost a bid for a third term in the 1971 primary, and Womack was elected in a redistricted single-member district. After his legislative service, DeWitt switched his affiliation to the Republican Party.

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