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The great tradition of quality Graham watches began in 1673 with the birth of Englishman George Graham. Graham is now remembered not only for the company he left behind, but also for being an innovative clockmaker and astronomer. In 1715, he invented what is now known as the Graham escapement, which is essentially a deadbeat anchor escapement for pendulums. Graham learned much of the craft under the direction of Thomas Tompion, who he worked for and then later succeeded.

Graham is also remembered as a many who improved upon Tompion’s ideas for creating quality watches. For example, in 1725, Graham improved Tompion’s previously created cylinder escapement for watches, which was the first of its kind in history.

After perfecting the technology, he began installing this escapement on all Graham watches. As a result, the technology has been present in all Graham watches since 1726. Also in 1726, Graham invented his own mercury clock, which helped to reduce the effects of temperature variations. Once this technology was coupled with the escapement he had invented, Graham was able to produce a watch that was technologically advanced and precise. In fact, not until 1895 was the technology matched (by Charles Edouard Guillaume).