Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn

History Of Brand

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The world’s first timepieces by Anthony Quinn were officially launched in New York at the American Craft Museum. Here is a short history of the artist and his new creations: Anthony Quinn was born under the gunfire of there volution in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1915. At an early age of nine, his creative mind and spirit led him to sculpting, painting and art.

By age 11 he entered a statewide California competition and won it with his clay figure of Abraham Lincoln. Before age 18, Mr. Quinn had worked as migrant farm worker, taxi driver, slaughterhouse butcher, newsboy, and a weight boxer. He learned to work his way way out of poverty and hunger through his own strength. How ironic that he grew up in the impoverished barrio of East Los Angeles, only miles from Hollywood, but light-years away from the world of movie stars that would one day welcome him as an Academy Award-winning actor.

Mr. Quinn has performed on stage, on television, and in over 200 films for more than fifty years. He has been recognized and honored as the consummate actor. Like Picasso, Mr.Quinn ,the artist , believes that time is the best sculptor and his insights on how time affects materials spawned the idea of combining art and time in a noble watch.

He has created precious masterpieces for the wrist which harmoniously combine aesthetic appeal and function. The design of the Anthony Quinn watch is inspired by three of the artist’s most eminent works