History Of Brand

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In the Northern sky lies the diamond- shaped constellation Cepheus; also known as Céphée. Named after the Greek God, Cepheus was the husband of Cassiopeia and the father of Andromeda ? two of the most beautiful women in all of mythology. In astronomy, Cepheus’ position near Polaris, the North Star, has made it a shining beacon for travelers throughout the ages.

In the workshops of Céphée, the travelers are artisans drawn toward a single vision, refining their skills in the journey, respecting traditional craftsmanship while adding the benefits of new technology. Céphée is a collection of masterworks from the combined talents of refined artisans of watch and jewelry making.

Creating a watch is, at its essence, the joining of many forces: a fusion of taste, aesthetics and experience.

Creating a watch is also about sharing: sharing a dream. Our artisans push ideas to the limits of what’s possible, and bring dreams to life. After years of development and design, Céphée has come to life as one of the world’s only diamond baguette family of watches.