History Of Brand

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These futuristic timepieces were created by product designer Emmanuel Dietrich. With 20 years experience designing watches for the likes of Technomarine, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Hermes, Dietrich founded his own brand in 2009 where he could truly explore his creativity and magnify his artistic scope.

Emmanuel Dietrich was born in 1969 in Besançon, the cradle of French watchmaking. His family, partly from Alsace – hence the German name – and partly from the Swiss border, was the encounter of two worlds. On one side artists, and on the other artisans and watchmakers of the Jura mountains (one of his grandfather took another typically Swiss path and became a chocolatier).

Emmanuel began to reinvent his universe as a child and never stopped since. His urge to express his own vision of objects all around us led him to spend all his free time in his small workshop. A mechanical wristwatch he received at the age of seven, a pretty “Cuppillard Rième” mini diver’s watch made him fall in love with watchmaking.

His first Master was soon a friend of the family, a prototypist at the LIP watch factory in Besançon, who also introduced him to his other passion: motorcycling.His study at the Boulle school in Paris opened his eyes to many other fields and to the world, but he remains the child he’s always been; happy at the most when dreaming of his next project and searching for the ideal line or the perfect technical solution.

Coming back to watchmaking was a logical decision when he sought to create his own brand and universe, a long-coveted project.
To allow himself to dedicate more time to creation, Emmanuel partnered in 2019 with Charles de Boissard, another Frenchmen of Zürich with complementary skills and a shared vision.