Jorg Hysek
Jorg Hysek

History Of Brand

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Founded in 1999 by watch designer Jorg Hysek, the Hysek brand immediately established itself as an innovator in both design and high watchmaking. The Kilada was the brand’s signature timepiece at that time, its unique shape and ground-breaking design aesthetic setting the stage for all that was to come.

Jorg Hysek ranks amongst the best known and most successful watches designers. He was born on May 14, 1953 in East Berlin and came to Geneva with his parents in 1960, just before the construction of the Wall. After having studied micromechanics at the Biel technical school for two years, he enrolled at the Vocational School for Watchmakers Pforzheim (Berufsfachschule für Uhrmacher). In 1973 his passion for sculpture lead him to a two-year study at the London Academy of Art.

Hysek returned to Switzerland to work in the watch industry shortly after his education completed. He spent four years working at Rolex before starting his own design company, Hysek Styling. After this, he worked for Breguet, Boucheron, Cartier, Ebel, Omega, TAG Heuer, Tiffany, and Vacheron Constantin.

Hysek lead the design of “Project 222″ for Vacheron Constantin, which later became the Overseas model, though many erroneously credit it to Gerald Genta. He was awarded the “Grand Prix de la Ville de Genève” in 1984 for the Vacheron Constantin “Cuff Watch”. In 1985 followed a Special Mention of the Jury for a pocket watch, which he had designed for Jean Lassale.