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The RJ-Romain Jerome brand (commonly referred to as either “RJ” or “Romain Jerome“) was established in 2004 to create watches that celebrate “legends and icons” of contemporary life. The brand is known for watches that evoke references to video games, music, art, cars, and more.

Romain Jerome don’t have an illustrious history spanning decades, but then they don’t claim to either. So much emphasis is placed on heritage within the watch world, but it’s refreshing to see a young brand carving out their own niche in such an intensely competitive market.

Romain Jerome haven’t been around long at all, yet they’ve made a huge impression on both journalists and the general public. Their watches feature bold, striking designs but their unique nature really comes through in the materials they use in their construction.

Throughout their existence, Romain Jerome have toyed with notions of air, earth and sea, producing watches that are directly inspired by these elements of nature. They make up for their lack of history by utilising important pieces of historical artefacts in their watches, giving them a personality that’s completely unique to them.