Rolex Watches For Sale

Rolex Watches For Sale

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Your Guide To Discerning Rolex Watches For Sale From Fakes – Rolex timepieces are manufactured in large quantities every year for luxury loving clients worldwide. Though this timepiece is a symbol of timeless elegance, it is also the number one item that is found reproduced in mass numbers as a fake. The Swiss Rolex company manufactures approximately 700,000 timepieces each year, but chances are, many you will find online and offline are in fact bad replicas of the original.

Rolex watches for sale by established online dealers are usually genuine, but once again, you need to have the right eye as well as the knowledge to know you’re making the right investment. These timepieces can be passed through the generations, but before spending the money, we recommend reading our guide!

8 Easy Steps For Spotting A Fake

1.Cheap Quartz Movement

Perhaps the easiest way for a novice buyer to spot a fake Rolex is by paying attention to the hand movement. Usually, fakes will have a quartz movement that causes the second hand to pause and stutter as it rotates. Remember: a Rolex has a very smooth second hand movement and you will see it easily glide across the numbers.

Are you still a bit confused? Perhaps the easiest way to spot the jarring differences between the real thing and a fake is by listening to the movement closely. A fake will have a ticking noise that’s easy to discern, while the real piece won’t make any sound at all!

2. Serial And Model Number Stamps

Like all high-end products, the way Rolex keeps tabs on their products is by ensuring that the insides are etched with a serial and model number. Fakes have not only faint markings, but also use a low quality etching process that leaves behind grainy dots. Rolex timepieces will always have a deeply engraved make and model number that are similar to diamond cut products. In short, at the right angle, a Rolex will practically refract light!

3. A Cyclops With Low Magnification

Rolex uses the term Cyclops in reference to a small magnification window that’s above the date window. It does a perfect job of magnifying the date numbers at 2.5 magnification flawlessly! Usually, a bad forgery will have flat numbers that don’t have the same amount of focus and precision that you would find with a genuine timepiece.

Rolex Watches For Sale

4. A Real Rolex Is Waterproof

Please do not attempt to do the following! As seasoned buyers know, a truly real Rolex watch is fully waterproof. That means if the watch is ever completely immersed in liquid, the watch will come out unharmed. Of course, it goes without saying that fakes aren’t waterproof and will cease to work when coming into contact with water. You shouldn’t under any circumstances immerse your watch in water to prove this theory. Rather, have your watch looked at by a professional so they can assess the quality of the watch.

5. The Real Thing Has Heft

You need to hold the Rolex in question in your hand to really be able to determine whether it’s a real or a fake. Most fakes are produced overseas and they use very few metals. In fact, the lack of quality metals present in a fake make them very lightweight with virtually no heft.

Holding a genuine Rolex timepiece in your hand can easily show you the difference! Rolex uses quality metals that can handle regular use, and as such, the timepiece will have heft and plenty of added weight.

6. Be Wary Of A Clear Caseback

A genuine Rolex will have a solid case back that prevents you from seeing the movement behind the watch. The only watches that are an exception to this rule are extremely rare and were produced in the 1930’s. For the most part, fakes have a clear glassy case back that show the movement of the watch— these are the forgeries to avoid getting stuck with!

Here is a bit more information on casebacks: Some forgeries will try to imitate genuine timepieces by Rolex closely, therefore, they stamp the backs with a logo or name engraving. Please bear in mind that Rolex leaves the back of all casebacks free of any art or writing. If you see any with those features, you can bet on your watch being a fake!

7. New Models Have Micro-Etching

If the watch you’re looking to purchase was manufactured after 2002, Rolex is now including a small micro-etched crown crystal on all of their watches. It is located on the 6 o’clock position, but the crown is so tiny it is virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. For this reason, very few forgers ever go through the trouble of including this feature with their Rolex watches for sale.

Rolex Watches For Sale

8. Look At The Dial Closely

The dial of a Rolex watch is often an easy way to spot a fake. Many forgeries use inconsistent spacing and fonts when creating their watch dials. A genuine Rolex watch is perfectly spaced and the text is applied using exact fonts. If any discrepancies are present in the design of the dial, you have every right to be leery of your purchase. More importantly, some fakes are so poorly produced that they even have misspellings!

What To Look For In A Company That Deals With Rolex Watches For Sale

Dealing with a reputable company is the detail that matters the most! You can certainly learn to spot fakes, but the best to avoid such a predicament is to choose a trusted Rolex retailer. Here are some of our top tips to help:

-Check how long a company has been in business! For example, Motion in Time has been selling quality timepieces since the early 1980’s, therefore, a record of trust has been established within the community. Steer clear of companies that seem to have appeared overnight!

-Most Rolex expert dealers will have a physical showroom and location that you can visit in order to view their products. Motion in Time has a showroom located in New York City and there’s simply no way our company could be selling fakes for decades!

-A Rolex watch does not come cheap. It is a lifelong investment that costs thousands of dollars, so if you spot a company selling their products rather cheap, you should know that chances are they are fake! There are also quite a few dealers that will allow trade-ins. Make sure you get a good return on your investment when you make a trade as it allows you to put the money towards your new watch.

-Choose a company that will always stand behind their products. Whether the watch doesn’t fit or isn’t as described, you should have a return policy to protect your purchase. Never deal with a company that tells you that their products are as-is or simply put, they offer very little assistance with their returns.

-Make sure you get a warranty with your purchase! A Rolex timepiece is not a cheap piece of costume jewelry— it is a lifelong investment that needs to be handled with care. A company that you can trust will offer at least an in-house warranty for their products.

Spotting the fakes from the real Rolex watches for sale can become a challenge for honest first-time shoppers. Most of us have never held an actual Rolex in our hands and it is the stuff of legends. If you have the money to invest in a quality timepiece, shop around and choose a dealer that has an honest record and a showroom!

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